Meet the Team


Tiffany Tiffany

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

It’s rewarding to be able to touch a person’s life, making sure they have a comfortable visit and helping them achieve the smile they deserve. Ours is a small office with big hearts: we truly care about our patients as people!

I prepare patients for treatment, assist Dr. Sy with procedures and exams, and handle various lab duties. When a person is smiling at the end of the visit, because it’s been painless and they have the results they wanted, I’m thrilled.

Dr. Sy is a gentle dentist who is detailed and provides good quality dentistry. I am blessed to be working with Dr. Sy and the rest of our staff!

My husband Josh and I have 3 children: Bryant, Jillian and Kinzlee. I enjoy spending time with my kids and regularly attend their sporting events. We also enjoy our pool during the warm summer months.


Jodie Jodie

Licensed Dental Hygienist

I enjoy meeting new people, building a connection with each, and helping them improve their dental and overall health. I believe it takes a team to best serve and help others and I know we have the best team right here!

I value the relationship I have developed with our patients throughout the years. It is also a pleasure to meet new patients and build relationships.  

In my spare time, I enjoy being with my family. My kids, Michael and Grace, are my life and my world revolves around them.


Heidi Heidi

Licensed Dental Hygienist

I treasure the relationships that grow with our patients. They have become like family to me and I’m so happy to help them develop healthier, cleaner smiles! Dr. Sy and my teammates are also part of my family. We care about each other and we care about our patients.

I provide thorough and gentle dental cleanings and lots of patient education. It’s important for people to understand why they need to keep their mouth healthy and how to do so. I love when I see a patient at a recall visit and they’ve made positive changes and now have a bright, clean smile!

Born and raised in Ohio, I’ve lived in Remington, IN, for the past 25 years. When not working, I enjoy time with my husband Greg and our two children, Erika and Austin.


Trissa Trissa

Administrative Assistant

When a patient tells me they look forward to coming to see us, I know we must be doing things right! Dr. Sy is a very gentle dentist, who takes time to explain everything to patients and answer all of their questions. My teammates are friendly and helpful and do everything possible to keep patients comfortable and smiling while here.

I welcome patients, accept payments, handle insurance matters and accounts, and schedule visits, too.

My husband Chris and I have been married for more than 30 years. We have three children, Aubrey, Ashlyn, and Rylan, whom I love being with. I enjoy time with friends, too, and biking, gardening, vacationing, and kayaking. I’m also an active member of the First Christian Church.

Liz Liz

Administrative Assistant

I enjoy meeting people, talking with and getting to know them, and making sure they have positive visits. Our patients are some of the best people and we have the best doctor and team to help them! Dr. Sy and our staff get along very well and we work together to keep our patients smiling.

I greet and check in patients, update their records, and help them schedule visits. I also collect money from patients and insurance companies, handle monthly statements, and answer the phones.

My hobbies include spending time with my family, espcially my kids: Bryson and Harper. We enjoy watching movies and playing at the park together with friends.

Ashley Ashley

Dental Hygienist

I work hard to make sure each patient feels comfortable during their visit. It’s my hope, and that of Dr. Sy and our team, that patients learn ours is a gentle, safe dental office and look forward to visiting us!

I take cavity-detecting X-rays, provide cleanings, and closely monitor and help maintain gum health. I also offer oral hygiene instructions to patients, encouraging them to develop better home care and habits. Everyone deserves to enjoy their teeth, for life!

Originally from Rensselaer, I now live in West Lafayette with my husband, Ben. Outside of work, I enjoy time with family and friends, crafting, the outdoors, and being active in my church.

Nady Nadiehsda

Dental Assistant

I love working with our wonderful patients! We serve a great community and I am happy to see so many people smile as they come through the door. I love Dr. Sy’s kindness and how she answers every question, and my coworkers are fabulous, warm people.

I prepare treatment rooms and then seat and prep our patient, explaining what will happen. Working chairside, I assist Dr. Sy while making sure our patient is comfortable. When we’re finished, I offer home care instructions and check that the person is happy with what’s happened.

Outside of work, I love being with Chris, my husband, and two young children, Sofia and Jackson. We have a black lab/border collie, Hunter, too.



Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

I love meeting people and helping them enjoy their dental appointments. Dr. Sy, our staff, and I work hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable and like part of our family.

I assist Dr. Sy with a variety of procedures. Her detailed, yet gentle approach makes her a great dentist. I provide a second pair of hands for her while talking with our patient about what we’re doing and checking that they’re comfortable. I also place fillings, apply sealants, take X-rays, and offer a lot of education. A happy smile at the end of a visit, and being told someone’s looking forward to coming back, makes me smile!

My husband, John Mercer, and I have lived in Rensselaer for almost 40 years. We have two grown daughters, Jennifer and Jessica, and two granddaughters, too. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, painting, and theater. I volunteer at my church and at Fendig Summer Theater for Children, where I’ve done their make-up for 28 years. I love living in Rensselaer and being part of a great community!




Licensed Dental Hygienist

Being able to make a positive, lasting difference in someone’s life is amazing. I’m lucky because that’s what I do, everyday.

In addition to cleaning teeth, providing maintenance care, and checking for signs of dental disease, I teach patients about the importance of good hygiene. When someone understands the connection between a healthy mouth and overall wellness, they are able to make positive changes in their habits.

When not working, I enjoy my time with my husband and two sons, Nicholas and Joey.